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Dance with the Lemurs

Participants, thanks to SKYPE, will enter the Lemurs enclosure and will have the opportunity to see from a close point of view our group of Ringtailed Lemurs (Lemur catta). While seeing them, the biologist will explain everything about their biology, ecology and evolution of Lemurs. The educator will also explain all the challenge they cope with in Madagascar where their habitat are suffering a severe loss; the bamboo forests where they live are rapidly disappearing.

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Dive into Northern California’s Marine Protected Areas

Dive into California’s Marine Protected Areas. The ocean is more than meets the eye. From the mysteries of the dark, deep sea to the crashing waves on sandy beaches, California’s Marine Protected Areas host incredible life forms. Meet some of the bizarre ocean characters that are protected by California’s MPA network while you visit the North Coast Redwoods District of California State Parks.

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Let's travel to India to learn about the history of textiles

Textiles have a long history in India! In fact, the  country has a textile tradition that can be traced back to the third century, and which has inspired much of the way fabrics are woven, dyed and decorated today. Participants are going to learn about the story of textiles in India, how they used spinning wheels and all about the cloth production. Please check time zones.

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