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Grasslands of the World

Temperate Grasslands are one of the major biomes on Earth, covering vast areas on nearly every continent. Learn about this amazing biome including the physical and climate conditions necessary for its occurrence, unique characteristics of this biome, grassland animal and plant adaptations, and a virtual tour of different grasslands from around the world.

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Lecture Series - Biomes & Biodiversity

Our Earth showcases an amazing array of biomes and organisms that occupy them. Learn about these major environments including their climatic parameters, origins, physical geography and topography, soil compositions, the organisms (and their adaptations to such environments), and other characteristics. Students will also get a virtual tour of different ecosystems within each of these biomes from around the world and discover the amazing variety of life on Earth.

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Science Live! - The Science of Magic

Magician’s secrets revealed! For years magicians have relied on scientific principles for their most amazing illusions. Students will witness tricks such as fire eating and the bed of nails and uncover the science behind the magic!

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