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An Introduction to Winemaking

The talk will look at winemaking from growing grapes to drinking the result. As we examine the different stages of the process from vineyard to winery and then bottling and drinking, we’ll examine some of the history of making wine and how wine growing practices have changed over the millennia. We’ll also survey the modern wine industry and discuss different styles of wine. FREE! Offered at 3:00 Central or arranged dates if possible.

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The Hannibal Trail

On Hannibal’s Trail, is about the making of a television documentary following the trail of the Carthaginian warrior Hannibal on a bicycle, from Cartagena in the south of Spain, via the Alps and Italy to Tunisia. The talk will also highlight some of the history of Hannibal’s war against ancient Rome including the ongoing controversy about where he crossed the Alps with his invading army and elephants. FREE (Offered at 4:00 Central time on arranged dates) 

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