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Saturday, Apr. 11th 2015


Floating Food and Puffy Faces - Is Living in Space Just Like on Earth?

How do the astronauts go to the bathroom in space? See the astronaut’s home including where they sleep, how they eat and experience how astronauts adapt to their new home with interactive demonstrations. You will discover the everyday challenges of how astronauts live in orbit live from a mock-up of space station living quarters! It doesn’t get any closer to home than this.

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History of Manned Space Flight

Take a trip back in time to the beginning of space exploration. Discover what really happened during the space race by exploring Space Center Houston’s Starship Gallery and look forward in time at NASA and the Constellation Program that will send humans back to the Moon and on to Mars.

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Journey Through the Solar System

Climb aboard NASA’s various space crafts and probes to experience our Solar System in a whole new light. Live from NASA’s first satellite, Explorer 1, students will explore each of the nine planets through the eyes of NASA’s space probes. Through this exciting, interactive experience, you can calculate the distance between each planet, explore the differences and similarities of each planet, and discover how gravity plays an important role in the solar system.

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Pull Yourself Into Some Space

Who is Sir Isaac Newton? What are his three laws of motion? How do his laws of motion differ on Earth than from on orbit? You will experience hands-on fun while discovering the influences of Newton. Live from the Starship Gallery at Space Center Houston, you can unearth the answers to these questions with Newton in space!

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See the World in a Whole New Way

Satellites are giving humans access to information with a whole new perspective and ease. Today Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has many uses from studying global warming trends, to the US Census, to law enforcement. While examining America’s first satellite Explorer, investigate how satellites and Earth observation play a role in your every day life!

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The Impact of Rocketry

Take a journey back through time and explore the history and future of rocketry science. During the distance learning event, explore actual flown spacecraft, learn about the Orion spacecraft and Constellation Program and later showcase their scientist through a creative PowerPoint presentation.

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To Infinity and Beyond – Seeing the Universe and More

Galileo opened up a whole new world with his discoveries – including the telescope! You can experience the excitement of a starry night with a new perspective. What makes those stars twinkle? Just how far away are they? Why is space black? This interactive session will be live from the Skylab Telescope in the Starship Gallery, where you will view America’s first orbiting observatory and participate in hands-on activities that will bring the excitement of the unknown.

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