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Immigration to America Concert

Taking a broad view of immigration to America, this program features interactive songs and stories of many different groups that have arrived here over the past 1000+ years, along with some fascinating musical instruments they brought with them. Themes touched upon include why people have always immigrated to America, what they expected to find, how they got here and where they are now.

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Native Americans of New York State

Topics covered include the Iroquois' use of their surroundings to meet their basic needs for food, clothing and shelter, and will also touch on the fur trade and the forced relocation of the Iroquois to the reservations. Participants will be introduced to the gourd rattle, cow horn rattles and Iroquois water drum. (It should be noted that the presenter is not Native American and does not present himself as such.)

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War of 1812 Concert

Students will gain a clear understanding of the causes of war, some of the key events, and of course the final outcome, all in the context of a highly-engaging, interactive concert program.

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World Communities Concert

A time-tested program that's perfect for individuals studying countries around the world, or to celebrate diversity, international fairs, etc. Along the way, Dave talks about his own eye-opening trips to Asia and the Middle East, and when time allows, starts a discussion on some of the ways that of the worlds people are similar. A Q&A session can follow the concert.

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