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50th Anniversary of The Beatles At Shea Stadium: The Beginning of Stadium Rock

Celebrating 50 years of The Beatles in America, this program focuses on their legendary August 15, 1965 concert at New York’s Shea Stadium. Considered the first modern outdoor stadium rock show, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr performed in front of 55,600 fans and were filmed for a network television special. This program includes film clips and rare audio of The Beatles’ performance. Discussion by Dave Schwensen, author of The Beatles At Shea Stadium: The Story Behind Their Greatest Concert.

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Creativity & Humor: Building the Foundation for Better Communications

This program is about the benefits of using creativity and humor as productive communication tools. Based on Dave's college course and corporate training program, participants learn the benefits of good humor vs. the negatives of bad humor, and how positive creative thoughts and observations about daily events and shared experiences can ease peer pressure and tension, start conversations and improve teamwork.

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The Beatles: Their Influence on American Teenagers and the Concert Experience

This program is about the influence of The Beatles on American teenagers from 1963-1966 and the experience of attending a Beatles concert. We begin in 1963 with a short film overview of news events and popular music. John F. Kennedy was President, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. led peaceful protests for Civil Rights, Mercury Astronauts were rocket jockeys launched into space, and school children were taught to hide under their desks in case Cold War tension ended with "The Big One."

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