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George Washington and the French and Indian War

The park ranger will interact with the participants and use George Washington’s writings to show them how Washington’s ambition, hard work and experiences in the French and Indian War helped him mature into the famous man we all know today. Participants will have an opportunity to ask the park ranger questions.

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The Whiskey Rebellion: A (Fun) Political Opinion Survey

Description: Through a slideshow participants are introduced to the situation surrounding the Whiskey Rebellion along with the opinions held by the rebels, the moderates, and the federalists. The park ranger will ask nine multiple choice questions. Each one of the three answers represents the opinion of one of the three sides. By answering the questions the participants will find out which opinion they would have held in the Whiskey Rebellion. So if you were a farmer in Western Pennsylvania in 1794 would you pay the Whiskey Tax? Choose A.) Heck No, B.) Well … let’s protest, or C.) Definitely YES! Determine where you would have stood during this first test of the federal government.

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