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Saturday, Apr. 11th 2015



Ask the experts! This unique program offers participants the opportunity to interact with a Museum palaeontologist. Facilitated by a Science Educator, participants ask questions and create discussions with one of our scientists. Find out about the latest in palaeontology directly from the scientists that are actually conducting research into ancient life!

Request this program   $185.00

Virtual Visit

Would a T.rex fit in your room? In this program suitable for all ages, Participants are guided through an interactive visit through Canada's only museum devoted exclusively to the science of paleontology. See how we explain changes in ecosystems throughout Earth's history with our world-renowned fossil galleries and lifelike dioramas. Check out the amazing dinosaur skeletons, marvel at the creatures that lived before the dinosaurs, and discover how life moved on after their extinction.

Request this program   $125.00

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