How to Use This Network
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I Want to Offer a Program


How to Find a Program

 There are three ways to find programs on our network on our Home page:

  1. Go to Find a Programs on the top menu bar and hover over Browse by Category. You will get the following list where you click on the topic of interest:
  • Free Programs
  • Arts
  • Growth
  • History/Culture
  • Open Windows: Voices of Experience
  • Science
  • Special
  • Spirituality
  • Wellness
  1. Go to Calendar on the top menu bar. Look over the programs already being offered. If you find a program that suits your date and time, go to the Search Site box and type in the program. You will be able to register when you get to the program on our website.
  2. Type in a topic or key word in the Search Site at the top right corner of the Home page. If we have a program on the topic, it will pop up.



How to Register For a Program


Once you identify a program, just hit the Register button and that will take you into our registration area. All you need to do is fill out the basic information and the program will be scheduled for you.


Once the program is ready an email will come to you with the link you will need to host your program.



**We work with hundreds of providers. Sometimes the providers change their program offerings and don’t inform us so we have to work to find something else that may be of interest to you.